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Biology Searching Using Find It@NSULA Libraries: Home

Guide to biological databases including medical resources.

Biological Research-Find It@NSULA Libraries

To begin research in biological/medical topics. You can approach searching in one of two ways. The first is using the "Find It@NSULA Libraries." This is most useful when you are searching multidisciplinary topics or are not sure which specific databases to use. You can begin your search on the library webpage with the basic "Find It..." search box, or if you need more depth the advanced search. Both are shown below:


If you know which database or databases you want to search, you can select them by going to the menu on the right hand side of the library webpage and click on Database Directory. Click on  Science and Technology to find biological/medical databases:


Whether you use  searching directlly from a database, you will need to enter your search terms and appropriate limiters. For example,  If you are researching fracking and the water supply, you will do the following:o

When you hit the search button, you will see the following results: