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Welcome to Northwestern State University & Natchitoches: City/State Information

A guide for incoming library faculty/staff, to welcome you to NSULA & Natchitoches


These lists are not comprehensive nor do we claim they are. This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as more information is made available or discovered by the librarians of Watson Library. 

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Louisiana - REAL ID compliant Driver's License/State ID

Louisiana is moving to the REAL-ID compliant driver's license/identification card to meet the October 1, 2020 compliance deadline for domestic air travel.

For more information, please visit REAL ID Information from Louisiana Department of Public Safety, Office of Motor Vehicles. 

To obtain REAL ID, the following five items must be verified:

  1. Identity
  2. Lawful STatus
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Social Security Information
  5. Proof of Residence (two documents)

Acceptable proofs of residence that show individual's name/address include (must present 2 proofs for REAL ID):

  • copy of lease/rental agreement on property
  • property tax receipt from tax assessor's office
  • Louisiana voter registration card
  • Utility statements (gas, electric, water, cable/satellite, telephone)
  • W-2 forms
  • Health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance
  • Statement on letterhead from postmaster in the city they reside verifying the address

Commonly-used primary and secondary documents include:

  • original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a state within United States (primary)
  • unexpired U.S. passport (primary)
  • permanent Resident Card (primary)
  • Social Security Card (secondary)
  • Voter Registration Card (secondary)

Information from form DPSMV 2022 (R 0916)

Cost is $32.50.

Loiusiana - Non-REAL ID Driver's License/State ID

If you already have a Louisiana driver's license, you need only

  • one document verifying home address

If you are applying for a first-time driver's license/state ID, you must provide:

  • One primary document/two secondary documents
    • original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a state with the United States (primary)
    • Unexpired U.S. passport (primary)
    • Permanent Resident Card (primary)
    • Social Security Card (secondary)
    • Voter Registration Card (secondary)
  • Social Security Card or letter from Social Security Administration is required for a driver's license, but NOT for a state ID card. The SSN# may be provided verbally.
  • One document verifying home address.


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