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A GUIDE during the COVID-19 Situation: Up to Date



August 4, 2021: Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards Reinstates Mask Mandate

     "Louisiana is facing a [new] statewide outbreak," said Dr. Joe Kanter, assistant secretary of health in Louisiana.  "With one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, Louisiana residents have a higher risk for coronavirus infection. ... There is just no question about that.”

Up-to-Date and Reliable

Louisiana hits record high number of COVID-19 cases.   The Louisiana Department of Health announces 6,797 new COVID-19 cases reported to the state since July 26, 2021 – the second highest single-day case count reported since January 6, 2021 (6,882 cases reported that day).  "A state of emergency is declared to continue to exist in the State of Louisiana as a result of the continued threat posed to Louisiana citizens by COVID-19." Click here to read Gov. Edwards'  official proclamation.

           The effects of SARS-CoV-2, though strong and dangerous, are still not fully known. Read this article for a neuroscientific perspective.

     All Louisianians 12 and older may now receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Several vaccines for COVID-19 are being distributed. Stay up to date by reading the La. Dept. of Health website the Natchitoches Parish Journal, or other news outlets. (This Guide and the Nursing and Allied Health LibGuide include many links to reliable information.) But do not believe everything you see on social media or websites of dubious reliability. For more about how to evaluate online sources, see the Information Literacy LibGuide. Local leaders and businesses are now in charge of policies requiring masks in Louisiana.

    One year into the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Northwest Louisiana remembers how it started and how they lived through 2020.  Read the latest on northwest Louisiana in the Natchitoches Times and the Shreveport Times. For statewide coverage, here's the Baton Rouge/New Orleans Advocate.

       Beware of rumors, panic, unsupported social media information, and other dangerous responses to the current situation. Use reliable sources for information: libraries, the University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the coronavirus/COVID-19 site from Johns Hopkins University, and other sources you can be sure are current, reliable, accurate, authoritative, and not biased.

As more is learned about the novel coronavirus, some definitions and recommendations may change. Here is a rumor-control list from FEMA.

NewsGuard published a list of websites which have reported false or misleading information about coronavirus and COVID-19.

               map of new COVID hotspots

This map shows the change in death rates for Louisiana parishes. There is a correlation between the number pf residents vaccinated and the decline of the death rate.

map of COVID death rate change