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A GUIDE during the COVID-19 Situation: Guides for Reopening Libraries to the Public

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Watson Patio--Free Wi-Fi

Learning the Library

Information Literacy and Library Instruction


Librarians--the Original Search Engine

Read More Books

Read More Books--You Can Do It!

How does experimental data translate into everyday precautions? Wired's Gregory Barber reviewed six months of science and interviewed librarians and other workers.

The REALM project (Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums) has been conducting laboratory tests of virus viability on various types of library material. Viability duration varied from less than two days on unstacked paperback books to more than six days on books and DVD cases in stacks, and more than eight days on leather and synthetic leather. Click on the link above for details and more links. Here's a report on variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from Bateille.

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