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Cammie G. Henry Research Center: Eleanor Worsley Collection

Eleanor Worsley Collection

Location: 1-H-2                       Eleanor Worsley Collection                      Acc. 179

Misc. Box 6


Folder Inventory:

No Sect in Heaven. N. Broughton, Jr. 1862

North Carolina Document No. 9 Session 1870-'71: Report of Jacob Siler, Agent for the

            Collection of Cherokee Bonds

House Document No. 384, 25th Congress, 2nd session: Memorial of Citizens of the

            State of Pennsylvania Relative to the Cherokee Treaty, May 21, 1838  

House Document 237, 27th Cong. 2nd. Session, Cherokee Indians, Letter from the

            Secretary of War, June 3, 1842

House Document 410, 25th Cong. 2nd. Session, Letter from the Secretary of War, in

            in Relation to the Payment for Improvements under the Cherokee Treaty

            of 1835; June 2, 1838

Speech of Hon. Wm. Lowndes Yancey, of Alabama, on the Annexation of Texas

            to the United States, January 7, 1845

Executive Document No. 10, Report of Agent for Collection of Cherokee Bonds,

            and Sale of Cherokee Lands, 1852

Executive Document No. 11, Report of Agent to Superintend Construction of

            Western Turnpike Road, no date

Statements of the Agent for the Sale of Cherokee Bonds, 1852

House Document No. 1352 of 53rd Congress, 2nd session "Sharp Nose, Indian Scout",

            August 1, 1894; re: Sharp Nose, War Chief of Northern Arapahoes – re: asking

            Committee on Pensions to grant a pension to Sharp Nose for his service to

            the United States

House Document No. 1354 of 53rd Congress, 2nd Session; claim of

            John T. Heard for professional services rendered the Western Cherokee Indians

            and proposed draft of bill to pay him out of money belonging to the Indians

German Employment Record Book, 1878


Located in Art Drawer 10:

 Southern Pacific Company--Atlantic System, waybill

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