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Cammie G. Henry Research Center: Bermuda Plantation Records, Acc. 504

Bermuda Plantation Records, Description

The bulk of this collection contains the papers of Peter Emanuel Prudhomme and documents his retail activities on Bermuda Plantation at Bermuda, Louisiana. 


Of particular interest in the correspondence is discussion on of the building of bridges and roads.  One letter from 1912 documents the first payment received toward the building of the Bermuda Bridge.  In addition, there is correspondence from members of the area School Board and Police Jury.  A petition to build a school at Old River, Louisiana is included in an 1896 letter.  The bulk of the correspondence is from the late 1890s and early 1910s.


There are only three photographs in the series, with only one being identified and dated.  The other two are unidentified group shots.


The bulk of the invoices date from the late 1890's and document purchases made by Prudhomme from New Orleans retailers.  Of importance, are a few documents describing the mode of transportation used to ship the goods.


Included in the manuscripts are enlarged copies of the Prudhomme Papers from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill microfilm collection.  These documents include papers related to the Prudhomme and Lecomte families.  Also included are drawings for the construction of The Lecomte Building in Natchitoches.


Publications include brochures, booklets and catalogs relating to Prudhomme's activities of road building and his retail store.  Of interest, are several retail catalogs advertising road equipment and machinery of the early twentieth century.  Also included are several New Orleans Cotton Exchange Reports and New Orleans retail price lists of general merchandise.  These items date from the late 1890s.


Journals include two poetry books from the late 1890s written by Prudhomme family women.  Also present are several personal journals from various family members.  Of particular interest are recorded minutes and a member list of the 1891 Bermuda Tennis Club.


The promissory notes consist of notes written on scrap paper requesting items from the Prudhomme store and promising future payment for the these items.


The last group, Empty Envelopes and Fragments, is a sampling of some of the empty envelopes found in the collection, most of which are addressed to Prudhomme.  Also, in this box are some fragments of letters and receipts.

Bermuda Plantation Records

Location: 17-A-2 and 17-C-2


Correspondence (1888-1974, n.d.) 


Box 1                   All documents are original


Folder 1       1888-1892

                   Included are:

Correspondence regarding the condition of the bridge

crossing Bayou Derbonne and the rebuilding of it,


                   Form letter from Natchitoches Drug Co., Limited, 1891

                   Establishing a school in Cypress, LA., 1891

                   Notification of a meeting of the Democratic Central Executive

Committee, 1891

Request from the Bradstreet Company for a report on P. E.

Prudhomme, 1891

                   Request for information on the hog law, 1892

                   Notification of school board and Police Jury meetings


Folder 2       1895-1896

                   Included are:

Statements of accounts and invoices from The Old

                             River Lumber Co., Ltd., 1895

                   Letter from United States Department of Agriculture requesting

P. E. Prudhomme to work as a reporter for the Division of

Statistics, 1895

                   Request for teaching position at Cypress School, 1895

                   Departure of the Dominican Priests, 1896

                   Carpetbaggers, scalawags, unwanted Republican administration,


                   Notice of dissolution of the firm of Flowers, King & Putnam,


                   Petition for a public school at Old River, LA., 1896

                   Notice of school board & police jury meetings, 1896

                   Letter from chairman of the Democratic State Executive

Committee, 1896


Folder 3       1909-1911

                   Included are:

                   Letter from the Office of Commissioner Of Louisiana Military

Records regarding a compilation of records & list of men

who served from Louisiana in the “War Between the States” and

publication of the records in book form, 1909

                   Certification of election of P. E. Prudhomme as delegate to the

Annual Reunion and Convention of the Louisiana Division

UCV for 1910

                   Commercial solicitation flyers & form letters

                   Washed out roads & bridges between Flora and Potts, 1911

                   Repair of Berry Bridge on Bayou Pierre, 1911

                   Political solicitations, 1911



Folder 4       1911

                   Included are:

                   Letter from C. D. Keator asking for donations of produce to be

used for an exhibit in Chicago, 1911

                   Letter from Eugenia Garrett requesting payment of her boarding

                             fees at LA. State Normal School, 1911

                   Commercial solicitations

                   Request from H. V. Kirkland for help in finding employment,


                   LA. State Board of Health, copies of Sanitary Code were

forwarded to Dr. J. T. Keator, Dr. E. G. Lawton, Dr. L. A.

Cockfield, and Dr. J. B. Pratt, 1911


Folder 5       1911-1912, 1942, 1974, others not dated

                   Included are:

                   Invoice from Kaffie Bros. Company, Ltd., 1911

                   Commercial solicitations

                   Request for road repairs from A. J. Hertzog, 1911

                   Order for bridge materials, 1911

                   Receipt for payment made by P. E. Prudhomme for Bermuda

                             Bridge on Cane River, 1912

                   Request for road repairs from M. L. Payne, 1912

                   Bill, for services rendered, Bermuda Bridge, from Ira W.

Sylvester, 1912


Photographs (1911, n.d.)


Folder 6       1911, others not dated




Invoices (bulk, late 1890s)


Box 2                  


Folder 7       1888 – 1987

                   Included are:

Letter written by David Dranguet Williamson, re: compilation

                             of old invoices found in the Atahoe Plantation’s store,

1987 photocopies

                   Freight bill, Statements of Account, Receipts, Bill of Lading,

1888-1940 , original documents

                   Promissory Note – named individuals agree to pay P. E.

Prudhomme of the bridge committee, 1895; original


                   Invoice of payment due for laborers signed by H. L. Perot,

1911; original document


Folder 8       1905-1940, All documents are original

Accounts payable list, not dated

                   Receipts, Purchase order, Statements of Account, Invoices,


Folder 9       1888-1892, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Member’s letter from The United States Mercantile Protective


                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts



Folder 10     1888-1892, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts



Folder 11     1888-1892, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Shipping receipts

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts


Folder 12     1888-1892, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:


                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts

                   Letter concerning a missing shipment of cases of shoes

                   Shipping receipts

                   Order for “7lbs. twenty pennies” to be shipped to J. A.


                   Debt collection notice


Box 3


Folder 13     1888-1892, others not dated, (1) photocopied news article,

                   All other documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts



                   News article pertaining to counterfeiting, photocopied


Folder 14     1887-1891, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts

                   Shipping receipts


Folder 15     1889-1891, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Bill for work on court house from W. Harkins

                   Cotton report

                   Shipping receipts

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts


Folder16      1889-1892, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Included are:

                   Bank draft

                   Shipping receipts

                   Statements of Account

                   Requests for payment of accounts


Folder 17     1890-1891, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Shipping receipts

                   Statements of Account


Folder 18     1889-1891, others not dated, All documents are original

                   Requests for payment of accounts

                   Shipping receipts


                   Statements of Account

                   Notice from New Orleans Brewing Association, re: they will

                             resume bottling of their “Louisiana” brand beer





Manuscripts (1833-1873, n.d.)


Box 4


Folder 19     Prudhomme Papers (copies), 1833-1873; some in French; source: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina



Box 4 continued


Folder 20     Prudhomme Papers (copies), 1833-1873; some in French; source: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Folder 21     Prudhomme Papers (copies), 1833-1873; some in French; source: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Folder 22      Program, Cane Theatre, week of May 3rd, no year, Natchitoches,

LA.; original document

Program, Cane Theatre, week of September 28th, no year,

Natchitoches, LA.; original document

Program, “The Priscilla Beach Theatre Presents Kind Lady”, no

date; original document

Folder 23     Graduation invitation, Mr. Robert E. Chaplin, Louisiana State

Normal School, 1910; original

Poem, “Dearest – Then I Love You More, 1 Verse”, handwritten;

original document


Folder 24     Cotton Sales Contract, Starke Taylor & Son, Inc. vs. Riverside

Plantation, et al, photocopy

Occupational License, F. Reginald Prudhomme, Retail Dealer,

Bermuda, Louisiana 1934, 1935, 1936; originals


Folder 25     Petition for Membership, Stonewall Lodge No. 78, Grand Lodge

of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows; original


Pamphlet, “Instituted February 6th, 1897.  By-Laws Stonewall

Lodge No. 78, I.O.O.F., Natchitoches, La. Meets Every

Tuesday Evening”; original document


Folder 26     Mantle for gasoline lamps from Sunshine Products Co. in Chicago, Illinois, shipped in small cotton bag with Cash On Delivery (C. O. D.) paper tag addressed to P. Felix Prudhomme, 1933; original


Folder 27     “Natchitoches Hospital Membership Certificate” for P. Felix Prudhomme, P. E. and J. B. O. Prudhomme, December 8th 1933 – December 8th 1934, hospitalization plan; original document

Receipt, Natchitoches Hospitalization Service, payment of dues,

P. Felix Prudhomme, 1933 – 1934


Folder 28     “Road Report, State of Louisiana, Parish of Natchitoches”, blank, original document


Appointment of unreadable as Overseer of Road No. 16 from Bayou Natchez, 1896 (?); original document


Bermuda Plantation Records (continuation)

Folder 29     “An Address to Our Fellow Democrats”, submitted by Amb. J.

Hertzog, L. Charleville, J. S. Dixon, J. H. Normand, P. E.

Prudhomme, H. H. Hathorn, J. J. Rains, Isidore Raphiel

proxy for H. Raphiel; Natchitoches, La., January 4, 1892;

accompanying envelope addressed to Theo Hertzog,

Bermuda, LA.; original documents

                   Recommendation for membership in the Progressive League of

Louisiana;form letter; no date; original document

Membership ticket, Progressive League of La., Mr. E. P.

Prudhomme; no date; original document

Certificate, Mr. P. E. Prudhomme, donation to the Democratic

National Committee, 1908; original document

Memoriam card, John F. Kennedy; original document

Political solicitations, not dated; original documents

Article, “Text of FDR War Plea”, no date; photocopy

Bloom County cartoons (2), photocopy



Folder 30     Brochures, road grading equipment, J. D. Adams & Company,

no date


Folder 31     Catalog, pamphlet & letter, road machinery, Superior Machinery

& Supply Company, 1910, 1911


Folder 32     Catalog, flyers & letters, road machinery & bridge supplies,

not dated


Folder 33     Form letter, Prof. Beery’s Mail Course in Horsemanship; no date; original document

Paint samples with accompanying letter from A. O. Pessou,

   1888; original documents

                   Pamphlet, Home Fence Company, no date


Folder 34     Pamphlets, farm machinery:

                   International Harvester, 1910

                   Foster & Williams, no date


Folder 35     Pamphlet, in French and English, “More Light. How Long, Oh,

How Long Will The People Be Deceived?”


Not in folder: LA. State Tax Assessment, blank; original


In small box: Free Samples, “Nash’s Purgative Tablets”, “Nash’s Capsules

For Relief of Colds”, manufactured by Nash Bros. Drug Co. in Jonesboro, Arkansas; original




Publications (1871-1987, n.d.)


Box 5


Folder 36     Graduation invitation, Natchitoches High School, Mazie Jean

Dranguet, 1952; attached: news article, “Three NSC

Dramatics and Speech Leaders”, 1955; photocopy

Graduation program, Natchitoches Central High School, 1987

News article, “Lecture Course Normal Auditorium”, 1902;


News article, “Miss Mazie Jean Dranguet Becomes Bride of

Richard Lamar Williamson”, no date; photocopy

News articles, “Dranguets Give Post-Rehearsal Supper Party”,

“Relatives and Friends Convene Here for Wedding”, 1958;


Notice, advertisement flyer for a barbecue held in Natchitoches,

no date



Folder 37     Employment solicitation for position of salesman from the

Cavascope Manufacturing Co., for P. E. Prudhomme, 1891

                   Pamphlet, Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Company, 1892


Folder 38     Letter & price list for buggies, 1891

                   Paint samples, no date

                   Flyer, National Remedy Company, no date


Folder 39     Political publications, “The Democratic Parish Executive Committee 1892”, “The Lottery In the Northern States, Progressive League of Louisiana 1890”, “Both Sides of It,

Progressive League of Louisiana 1890"


Folder 40     Pamphlet, The Monthly Banner, Danville, N. C. March 1892

                   Pamphlet, Davis Leisure Hour, published by John H. Collins &

Co., No date


Folder 41     Cotton & Sugar Factor daily price list; 1891

New Orleans Cotton Exchange Market Report; November 21,

1889;December 13, 1889; February 19, 1891

Shipping Order, Texas & Pacific Railway Company, 1925



Folder 42     Price list, J. W. Platt, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, April 3, 1891


Folder 43     Price lists, E. F. Del Bondio, Commission Merchant,

                   July 1891, September 1891, November 1891


Not in folder New York Life Insurance Company policy, Peter E. Prudhomme,



Net Cash Price List, Basye and Robinson, 1891; *moved to Art Cabinet Drawer 10


Box 6

Booklet, Ginseng Its History Cultivation Market Value and Profits,

no date

Pamphlets, Proceedings of the Bimetallic Conference, 1896,

Bimetallism 1896,Agricultural Prices and How Price Levels

Are Determined 1895

Our Land and its Care, 1949

“United States Department of Agriculture Monthly List of Publications”,

          July & October 1911

School Laws Enacted by the General Assembly of Louisiana Session

of 1910

Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station, Tobacco.  Yellow Leaf

andCigar Varieties.

Letter & pamphlet, Prof. Beery’s Mail Course in Horsemanship, 1911

Brochure, Reversible Road Machine, Grader and Ditcher, 1911

Brochure, The Welcome Guest A Book For Old and Young, no date

Bermuda Plantation Records (Continuation)

Box 7

Barr’s of St. Louis Fashion Catalogue No. 66 Spring and Summer,


Second Series No. 10 Bulletin of the State Experiment Station of

the Louisiana State University and A. & M. College, 1891

Third Annual Catalogue 1890-91 Horses

Bulletin of New Books Published by the American Book Company,

January 1896

Dead Moved or Married A list of money that does not belong to the

publishers – Maybe some of it is yours, published by Montgomery

Ward & Co., Chicago, 1892

Cotton Report, April 15th 1891

Pamphlets advertising plows, wine, medicinal products, grocery items, infant

food, and clothing



Box 8                    Magazines & Newspapers


Rural Louisiana, December 1969

The Natchitoches Times Presents A Natchitoches Miscellany, Souvenir of the

City’s 250th Birthday Celebration, Thursday, May 7, 1964

The Daily Shreveport Times, Sunday, December 24, 1871

Cosmopolitan, March 1942, August 1967

Redbook, July 1942, March 1966

Ladies Home Journal, December 1966

Collier’s, October 1951

Better Homes & Gardens, December 1967

Look, September 1969

The American Home, December 1965

Life, March 1962



Journals (1887-1905)


Box 9


Pierce’s Memorandum and Account Book, 1906, 2 different copies

Scrapbook, M. Lise Prudhomme, 1887

Journal, not dated

Minutes & member list of the Bermuda Tennis Club, Miss Lise Prudhomme,

          secretary, 1891

Letters & poems, some to Laura Prudhomme at Ever-green Plantation, Bermuda,

          March 1889 – January 1890, others not dated



Promissory Notes (bulk)


Box 10


Folder 44     Shipping receipt, 1889

                   Statements of Account, 1891

                   Receipt for Breach of Peace suit, not dated

                   Note to unknown recipient from unknown sender, not dated


Folder 45     Invoices, payment due for work completed by O. Lambre, 1892

                   Invoices, payment due for work completed by others, 1890

                   Requests to have plows sharpened, 1890-1892

                   Receipt of payment for crossing school children, P. E.

Prudhomme To Dr. J. B. Petit, 1891

                   Letter from Joe O. Johnson, re: his uncle working on a building,


                   Notes to Cousin Emanuel from O. Lambre, re: Emanuel can do

the blacksmithing work for the year, 1891

                   Invoices, payment due for work completed, not dated


Folder 46     Cash loans, from Felix & P. E. Prudhomme to various people,

                   1890, 1891, others not dated


Folder 47     Promissory Notes, 1889


Folder 48     Promissory Notes, 1890


Folder 49     Promissory Notes, January – March 1891


Folder 50     Promissory Notes, April – June 1891


Folder 51     Promissory Notes, July – December 1891


Folder 52     Promissory Notes, 1892


Folder 53     Promissory Notes, not dated


Folder 54     Promissory Notes, not dated



Empty Envelopes and Fragments (bulk, late 1890s)


Box 11       


Empty envelopes

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