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Learning the Library: Using the Internet Wisely

Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Click for a five-minute video from Aaron Titusof

Click for an Internet Whitepaper from Rus Shuler via Stanford University

The Internet, a network of computer networks, is the hardware in which the World Wide Web and other online content resides. Saying "I found it on the Internet" or "on the Web" is only saying you found it in a computer. That means nothing about the reliability, validity, or authority of the information or how someone else might locate it.

"The Internet"?

OSI protocol stack, via Credo.

Figure 1.

Network protocols. (2003). In E. Reilly, A. Ralston & D. Hemmendinger (Eds.), Encyclopedia of computer science. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Retrieved from

Tim Berners-Lee was surprised by internet catmania.

The New Republic's Perry Stein asked "why cats?"

"I Can Haz Emoshuns? Understanding Anthropomorphosis of Cats among Internet Users."--D. Foster et al.