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Research Materials: Microbiology

Handouts and Research Guides used by librarians in information literacy sessions. For more help, look in the Guides by subject.

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Most science research comes from journal articles. The easiest way to locate articles is to use the Library Webpage:








In order ot find journal articles in biology or nursing, you will need to go to the Database Directory on the right hand menu list. Click on this button to go to either databases by title or databases by subject. If you are not sure what database to select go to either Science or Nursing. These two subjects access many of the same databases.










To begin searching, enter the term of the microbe you are researching in the search box. You may elect to do a general  key word search or a subject search. Note: in some cases instead of subject, the term is descripter.  In this example, we will search Biological Abstracts. 





Search Results

Once you have entered your search term and selected how you want to search by selecting subjects in the pull down menu, click on the search button for your results.


In this example, you see you have retrieved over five thousand results. In most cases, this is more than you will need. You will want to refine your search. You can refine your search by limiting by date, limited to full-text, adding additional terms, restrict by  a certain author or a certain journal.

Library Webpage

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Database Directory

old database directory

Biological Abstracts Example

old BA interface

Search Results

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