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Biology and Ecology Resources: The Modern Synthesis

A research guide, with a list selected from the many resources available from NSULA Libraries.

Issues in Ecology

Gillis, A.M. (1991). Can organisms direct their evolution?  BioScience, 41, 4 .

Tasmanian Devils Are Back in Australia: Video and Exposition from the New York Times.


Search Terms

For a more focused database search, use the drop-down field "subject" instead of simply typing in a keyword. Try combining two or more terms to narrow the focus. Some examples:

adaptive evolution, animals, biology, ecology

evolutionary theodicy, genetics, genetic drift, genotypic cluster species concept, hybrids

biospecies, polyploidy, speciation/species/species diversity

natural history, natural science, natural philosophy,

Plato, Aristotle, Darwin, Julian Huxley, Lamarck, Lamarck's theory, Charles Lyell,

Jerry Coyne, Ernst Mayr, Ronald Fisher, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Allen Orr


Many databases have a "browse" option which allows you to scan an issue of a digitized journal.

In JSTOR, for instance, click on "Browse" at the top of its main page, then on "By Subject" in the drop-down menu. From the list of categories that appears, find "Science and Mathematics" and choose either Ecology and Evolutionary Science or Environmental Science. This takes you to a list of journals in JSTOR that are available to you in one way or another.

There is some overlap in database collections. Use FindIt's Journal Full Text Finder to see if access to other years is available somewhere else.

For example:

Southeastern Naturalist--JSTOR offers access to citations from 2002-2009 with external access only to 2010-2012. If you look up Southeastern Naturalist in FindIt's Journal FTF, you will see it in Academic Search Complete with full text from 2002- present.


The American Naturalist--JSTOR includes citations from 1867 to 2013. Look this one up in the catalog (choosing the field "periodical title" ); you will find that Watson Library has some of this journal's volumes in print (on the third floor in Serials & Media).

ILL--Interlibrary Loan

If we do not have a source you need, Interlibrary Loan borrows books and journal articles for you from other libraries. You supply the bibliographical information (author, title, date, source), etc. If you haven't used this service at NSU before, register using your NSU credentials.

To begin, go to the ILL homepage and follow the directions; the form is simpler to use than it appears. For help, contact the ILL office at (318) 357-5465, (888) 540-9657, or the Nursing Library at (318) 677-3007.

Search Google Scholar (if you must)

Google Scholar Search

Recommended Books