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for Faculty: Teaching--in Person and Online

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Campus Collaboration

Connect yourself and online students to library materials and resources--use the site, especially the LibGuides pages, and consult with a librarian for help and ideas.

The Office of Electronic and Continuing Education (ECE) offers workshops, webinars, and individual training in educational technology, listed each month in Messenger. Take a look at the November 2019 Tech Toolbox, "Digital Information Literacy," and at October's "Being Human in Your Online Courses."

Library Use at a Distance

NSU members not in Natchitoches still may access the materials in NSULA Libraries via InterLlbrary Loan. Register using the form here (also linked from the library's home page).

Open Educational Resources

E-textbooks and idea-sharing websites abound for teachers wanting material and ideas for online classes. LOUIS, the Louisiana Library Network for academic libraries, has spearheaded the statewide collection of "open" textbooks--those which are licensed for use through Creative Commons rather than being restricted by traditional copyright. CC licensure registers a content creator's work but allows it to be more widely available and often with no cost attached.

Affordable Learning LOUISiana

Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog 

For lower-level resources, try the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.

Or create your own resources and upload them to the OER Commons. It's not exactly peer-reviewed, but it is cataloged.

Literacy and Literacies

The term "literacy" is no longer limited to being able to read words on a page. "Digital Information Literacy," the November 2019 Tech Toolbox from ECE, discusses some online and digital uses of the term, which now signifies "the ability to understand or comprehend" something--not only written language but computers, finances, culture, media, and information itself. 

"Students need a lot of practice, and it needs to be real-world practice, not in the fake laboratory of the made-up websites by educators trying to teach website evaluation. It also helps just to have students think, which requires going beyond textbook reading and PowerPoint lecture notes." Jamie Gregory, from the Nov. 6, 2019 blog of the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom.

A Different Perspective

Selections from the Book Catalog

The library catalog lists available ebooks and e-textbooks for regular checkout and use. This example shows 759 e-text items available for biology.