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Veterinary Technology: Searching Databases with Keywords or MESH Terms

Veterinary technology is the science and art of providing professional support to veterinarians. AVMA CVTEA accredits programs in veterinary technology that graduate veterinary technicians and/or veterinary technologists.

  What goes through a search engine's mind?  Here is a mind map of the leywords linked to the term "animal" in the Credo database. See why it is so important to choose search terms carefully and use MESH terms and subject limiters when possible.

Searching Subject Keywords in the ProQuest database

Typing the word "Veterinary" in the search box, prompts the search engine to look for terms that match. 



This is located in the LIMITER MARGIN (left side of page)

Limit your search to journals, magazines, reports and trade publications and CLICK APPLY

  • LIMIT again by selecting the SUBJECT LIMITER and click the word MORE
  • Mark the check box that reads:  DOGS
  • Select the Date Limiter and narrow the time to 2000 forward.

This example uses a DATE RANGE FILTER of 2001-present, the subject term "dogs" from the subject drop down, then selected "dogs" from MESH HEADINGS.

Now check DOG DISEASES and click APPLY.


Tools for Advanced Searches

Using Date-Limiters to Find Current Articles

The articles show the subject terms below the bibliographic information (title, author, date, etc.).  Searching again with the subject terms dog diseases yields 99 articles.  Limiting the date with the slider, we rlimit the number of articles to those in the last 8 years (2010 - 2018).