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Communications, Journalism, and New Media: Journalism as History and the Future--COMM 4700

Selected Items from the Collections

Timelines and Chronologies

Archival Research

The Cammie G. Henry Research Center (CGHRC) at Northwestern State houses Louisiana books, rare books, archival materials, NSU Archives, microfilm, maps, newspapers, and oral history tapes. The Research Center, located on the third floor of Watson Memorial Library, is not browseable; for research questions, tours, or appointments, contact Mary Linn Wernet or Sharon Wolff at (318) 357-4585, or consult its LibGuide.

The CGHRC is named after Carmelite "Cammie" Garrett Henry (1871-1948) of Melrose, Louisiana who collected Louisiana documents and books of rare fictional and non-fictional works. Melrose Plantation, the Henry family home, provided a perfect setting for entertaining guests from diversified intellectual disciplines including literature, art, and the social sciences.

After the sale of Cammie G. Henry's home, her manuscript collection was donated to Northwestern State University and named the Melrose Collection. This collection, our largest, serves as the core of the Research Center's holdings. It focuses on the rich cultural, historical, and literary heritage of Louisiana and Natchitoches spanning from French Colonial times through the 1940's.

Other collections sharing similar strengths include those of James Aswell, the Cloutier Family, Robert DeBlieux, Caroline Dormon, Joe Dellmon, the Egan Family, and the Federal Writers' Project.  Our resources offer a wealth of opportunities for scholars. Focusing on Louisiana History, documents range in date from the founding of Natchitoches in the early 1700's to the present.