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Government Information: U.S. Federal Government

Provides an overview of the FDLP and GPO. Also links to other government information sources/portals for librarians and the public.


Your local Federal depository library is ready to help! Explore publications, journals, electronic resources, microfiche, microfilm and more on hundreds of thousands of topics for FREE at Federal depository libraries. Explore all of this with the expert assistance of trained librarians.

Since 1813, depository libraries have safeguarded the public's right to know by collecting, organizing, maintaining, preserving, and assisting users with information from the Federal Government. Depository libraries provide local, no-fee access to Government information in an impartial environment with professional assistance.

About the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)

Depository Symbol

The Depository emblem is the eagle holding a book, this image represents how vital open access to Federal Government information is to democracy and a free society.

FDsys - Federal Digital System is your source for America's Digital Information.

What Can Government Information Do For You?

Government information covers a wide range of topics including Agriculture, Business, Education, Health, History, Science, and Statistics.  When searching the library's online catalog for these and other topics, expect to find government documents listed in your results.  Many government documents are now issued in electronic format, so look for a URL link when accessing government information.  Documents published in electronic format are not necessarily websites, but are merely published works distributed through the Internet.

Shout out to my Social Work Policy students!  Go to the LibGuide for Class Materials and pull down the By Class menu to SOWK 3350/4350 to see government information web sites and other resources tailored to your specific needs.  Call me and make an appointment for a research consultation if you need further assistance!

Keeping American Informed!

Find out how the Government Publishing Office works with libraries to bring you information from all three branches of government.


Easy as FDL!

Federal Depository Libraries

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