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Government Information: Public Service Guidelines for Electronic Government Information

Provides an overview of the FDLP and GPO. Also links to other government information sources/portals for librarians and the public.

Library Policy Number E:26


All unified workstations (UWS) are available for use by all patrons during normal library hours.  From these computers, anyone who comes into the library can access all library resources including government documents listed in our online catalog and the government information web page/LibGuide.  From this LibGuide, patrons can access many government information resources including In addition to these workstations, there is a 50+ computer lab located in the library, which is restricted to student use only. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the library is longer able to provide a workstation dedicated to the use of electronic government information.  Students have access to numerous computer labs on campus, and the government information librarian can provide mediated searching for non-University patrons.


The Government Documents Department will provide access to electronic information it selects as a federal depository library. This may include floppy disks, CD-ROMs DVDs, mini-CD's, and Internet formats.


The Government Documents Department will process tangible electronic products it selects in a timely manner and in keeping with the Government Printing Office directive of "available for public use within 10 days after receipt".  Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is available for government documents not owned by Watson Library. The Government Information Librarian will fax or email documents to off-campus users.  Public access CD-Roms, DVDs, floppy diskettes, and other electronic media are stored in locked cabinets in the reference room. A key to this cabinet is stored in the key box behind the reference desk so that these cabinets are accessible by reference staff at all times.

Users may come to the reference desk for assistance during all the hours the library is open. If the reference librarian on duty is unable to help the patron, that patron is directed to the Government Information Librarian. If this librarian is not available, the patron may make an appointment to return at a later time or date.

If a patron wishes to copy a CD-ROM, blank CD-Rs are available free of charge from the Government Information Librarian.

Electronic documents in tangible format do not circulate except by special permission from the Government Information Librarian.  The library’s Government Information LibGuide page provides links to many government information resources, and there are several users’ guides which provide information on locating government information in the library and on the Internet.