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Criminal Justice: Crimes and Disappearances

Theory and Practice


To find out what happened in a specific event, search newspaper and magazine accounts of what happened at the time. books are sometimes written about sensational crimes and criminals. For online sources, go to the library webpage ( and go to the menu on the right for Database Directory. Scroll down to News and Current Events and select a database.



The New York Times Index: AI 21 .N45 REF

INTERNET is the online version of the New York Times, which has a search feature.
Notorious crimes may have their own websites! Some are well-researched and provide reasonable theories, some not. For help in evaluating information sources, look in the Information Literacy LibGuide
for the fact-checking and evaluation pages.



Finding People

If the crime you are researching involves a person-either as victim or criminal, you will need to find out about that person. Many notorious individuals are the subject of biographies so you may want to look them up as subjects in the online catalog. Other places to look include:

Just the Facts

In order to complete this assignment, you will need to think like a detective. You will want to gather facts, read theories, and sort out opinions. You will want to come up with a solution that is logical and fits the facts as you know them. You will need to know the who, when, what, and where to figure out the how and why.

The following library resources will help you in assembling your evidence. These are all reference books and some are print and some are electronic.