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Education Resources: in the library

Basic guide to searching education materials and databases.

A new study from three European economists at the World Inequality Lab graphs a change in political tendencies with variables of educational attainment and income. From the abstract: "in the 2000s-2010s: high-education elites now vote for the “left”, while high-income elites continue to vote for the “right”. This transition has been accelerated by the rise of green and anti-immigration movements, whose key distinctive feature is to concentrate the votes of the higher-educated and lower-educated electorate, respectively."

Gethin, Amory, Clara Martínez-Toledano, and Thomas Piketty. "Brahmin Left versus Merchant Right: Changing Political Cleavages in21Western Democracies, 1948-2020." World Inequality Lab Working Paper 2021/15. May 5, 2021.


The following databases are recommended for research in education. For access, use the database directory for psychology on the library's main page.

Academic Search Complete: a multi-disciplinary database indexing more than 8,500 full text periodicals including 7,300 scholarly titles.

Book Collection Nonfiction: a research database for schools; 4,200 popular books on topics such as health, sports, technology, etc.

Educational Administration Abstracts:  covers educational administration, educational leadership, educational management, and educational research. Contains approximately 190,000 records with coverage back to 1966.

ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) provides access to educational literature such as lesson plans, curriculum guides, grant reports, and papers given at conference in the documents part. The journal section provides records for major education journals.

Learning Express has test-prep material for Praxis and related exams.

MAS Ultra-School Edition: designed for high school student use. Contains full-text for 500 popular high school magazines.

Mental Measurements Yearbook: Provides information regarding diagnostic tests and examinations. It includes information on test groups, reliability, validity, review articles, and contact information. The database does not have copies of the tests.

Primary Search Education K-6: designed for elementary school students with full-text to 70 popular elementary school magazines. The articles are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles)

Professional Development Collection: designed for professional educators, this database contains 520 educational journals including 350 peer-reviewed titles. It also includes 200 educational reports.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection: contains articles on mental and cognitive processes.

PsycInfo: international database of scholarly psychology articles including topics such as cognition, educational psychology, etc.Recently rebranded as "APA PsycInfo."

Teacher Reference Center: Indexes 280 periodicals on assessment, best practices, current pedagogy, curriculum development, etc.

Government Resources

The federal government publishes a lot of statistics and information on education in the United States. Check out the government Information LibGuide, or look up the sites below.

  • main page of the government's vast website.
  • Condition of Education
  • Digest of Educational Statistics

For official information on public education in Louisiana, use the Department of Education's site, Louisiana Believes.

Education Books and EBooks

To locate books and ebooks on education resources, you can use the Find It @ NSULA Libraries and select Library Catalog. For more detailed searching use the Advanced Search option especially for specific titles or authors. Below is a representative bibliography of education encyclopedias, dictionaries, and annuals: