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Focus Your Search


New searchers begin their quest for journal articles using common keywords, much like Googl-ing.  Unfortunately, this does not produce a focused search.  Search queries can retrieve too many articles that are not focused on the research question.  Too much information to wade through... Or you may think very little has been published in the last 5 years! 





WebEx Seminars: Afternoon or After 5?

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January, we have altered our online trainings so that we can dig deeper into search and retrieval of Journal Articles and provide more support to graduate students PILT projects.  Generally, a new searcher would take the PICO, MeSH and Mesh-on-Demand class  first, followed by Searching CINAHL and Pubmed.  If one is not familiar with how to move gracefully from the PICO chart to a CINAHL or PubMed search, students might struggle searching CINAHL and cannot adequately search on PubMed.

  • PICOT – Plan your search, key terms and MeSH (medical subject headings)
  • CINAHL – Execute your search strategy. Create a personal folder. Save, print, export, email results
  • PubMed – Using what you learned in PICO and CINAHL, further expand your result set
  • UPtoDate – Use UPtoDate contents as an example for themes and outlines
  • STATRef! – Use STATRef for quick lookups within Reference materials
  • Cochrane Library and – use these to find clinical trials and investigator names (think: AUTHOR in PubMed)
  • Mendeley – Instructions on installing the APP and add-ons.  How to export in RIS format from CINAHL, PubMed, & other sources into Mendeley


Use Signup Genius to register for online classes


Nursing & Allied Health Instructors & Students

It is important students use SignUpGenius so that we have a complete spreadsheet of students who have signed up each semester.Below are sign up links for students.  SignUpGenius allows us to manage the Shreveport Library Program Offerings.  On the day of class, students are sent an reminder email with the WebEx Link.

January - February 2021 Search Classes: Afternoon and After-5 Classes

(Most classes are amenable to an online format)

 Byte-sized Library Training for Professors & Instructors:  How to create list of your favorite Library Full Text Journals or e-Books

January - February 2021

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

5:30  p.m. -   7:30 p.m.

Suitable for:Undergraduate Instructors, Graduate Instructors

or Graduate Students

RSVP here:

What we cover:  In 30 minutes or less, you can create list of your favorite Library Full Text Journals or e-Books in Full-Text Finder.  Creating a list of full text journals or e-Books for your students to use outside the classroom is essential during the pandemic and very helpful if you are creating a list of essentials to add to your course syllabi or Moodle Shell.   

This 30 minute byte-sized training is offered online via WebEx. You may access this WebEx from anywhere you have desktop or laptop access.  Using Full-Text Finder, we will create book list or journal lists that can then be utilized for your own research, to assist your students, incorporated into Learning Management tools or emailed to your class. 

  • Date:  Call or email to set up a one-one WebEx:
  • Login: (no password required)
  • Limit:  100 instructors 
  • Required:  RSVP
  • Access: Laptop, Desktop or Tablet; presentation is not formatted for I-phone or android phone
  • Skills required: basic knowledge of using a web page.


January - February 2021: Afternoon and After-5 Classes

(Most classes are amenable to an online format)

Finding Peer Reviewed Literature:  (2021) 2:00 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.

Sign up or RSVP here:

Times:  2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. CST  or 5:30 p.m.– 7:30 p.m. CST 

Register NOW!  Choose your date from the calendar


This is the starting point for most undergraduate and graduate students. Our After-5 classes are very popular with students. We also offer afternoon sessions.  New classes are added weekly at the same link. We continue adding new sessions as we fill up class slots.  We can train as many as 200 students per week offering Afternoon and evening classes.  Students must have access to a desktop, laptop, IPAD or Android Tablet.  These classes cannot be offered via phone as the phone screen distorts the images.


January - February 2021: Afternoon and After-5 Classes

(Most classes are amenable to an online format)

Managing Your Research Project Using RAYYAN:  (2021) 2:00 PM OR 5:30 PM

RSVP here:

Times:  2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. CST  or 5:30 p.m.– 7:30 p.m. CST

Register NOW!  Choose your date from the calendar

Thursdays* or by individual appointment


Pre-requisite:  Finding Peer Reviewed Literature.  Students should not take this class without having a firm foundation in searching for peer reviewed literature.  In this class we cover creating alerts, creating files, RIS extract, setting up the RAYYAN project management tool for Systematic Reviews and Special Projects, exporting and uploading results into RAYYAN, adding MeSH terms and keywords into RAYYAN and reviewing collected Evidence Based articles. 


“Step Up” Consultations & More Classes: By Appointment

After students have completed a basic class in Finding Peer Reviewed Literature, we set up a more comprehensive online consults via private or small group WebEx presentations.  These comprehensive “Step Up” classes delve deeper into more complex searching, key medical terms (MeSH), using advanced filters and features, and offer additional insights that help students further focus and manage their search results.  In the “Step Up” classes, we work with students one-on-one and in small groups (i.e. Special Projects and Systematic Review).  We tailor these classes to encompass the COCHRANE Database, Proquest, Medline, Pubmed Advanced and any of the 20+ Nursing and Allied Health databases we subscribe to at Northwestern. Students have access to 6 Nursing & Allied Health Literature databases.  Additionally, some healthcare research projects encompass business, finance, human resources and/or law databases (Academic Search Complete and Lexis-Nexis. 



Mendeley Citation Management Tool

We offer one-to-one classes on using the Mendeley Citation Management tool. Mendeley can be installed on desktop computers or laptops.  Three plug-ins are required to enjoy full functionality.  Best of all, it is easy to use and completely free. (Prerequisite: Knowledge of RIS extraction from CINAHL, ProQuest, Medline or PubMed.



Looking forward to another great year!

Please let me know if you would like an online class presentation.  Our maximum COVID-19 Training capacity is 12 people per session live hands on application OR Webex: 100 attendees

Sherri Voebel, MLIS, BS

Northwestern State University

Calling All Graduate and Undergraduate Students




Class Schedules & More

Using Systematic Reviews and Clinical Trials to find Journal Articles

Have you ever heard this from your instructor?  “I want Journal Articles. Not clinical trials or systematic reviews.”  Did you know that Clinical Trials can be a great source of AUTHOR names?  Many investigators also publish journal articles in their chosen field.  One of our Nursing PILT teams discovered this past month that  there is a treasure trove of information in  For a moment, think outside the box.  This group was comparing two drug protocols used to treat OPIATE addiction.  After searching clinical trials, they searched the chief investigators last name and the drug name (MeSH) in PubMed.  The article linked over to a professional nursing association website.  There, they discovered a list of “specialists” who teach a CEU course on their chosen subject.  They followed up by searching the specialist LAST NAME and the drug name (MeSH) in PubMed.  VOILA.  A very targeted searching technique.


Science Citation Index:  Forward Citation Search

What if you find a very relevant paper?  You glance over the bibliography and make a request for articles that are five years or newer through NURSING INTERLIBRARY LOAN. But what about the articles 2000 – 2014?  Who is citing them now?  Is anyone citing them now?  Use Science Citation Index to cite articles forward.  This is also called a FORWARD CITATION SEARCH.  This works similarly with the Dissertation and Thesis Database (NSULA)Your librarian can make an appointment for you to use the library resources at ULL or LSU Health (Shreveport) during hours when a fellow colleague can assist you.  Be on your best manners and represent the Demons well when you are using other libraries.  Always have a flash drive so you can save your articles.  You cannot print articles at other University Libraries.

PICO, MeSH and Mesh-On-Demand.    

Whether you are an ASN, BSN, MSN, NP or Rad-Sci student you must be familiar with PICO(T).  Plainly put, nursing and allied health professionals need to be proficient with critical thinking skills.  Research demands you organize your thoughts before you ever touch a keyboard or access a database.  Have a firm idea of your Patient, Problem or Population. Understand what interventions are available.  Are you making a comparison?  What is the outcome you expect.  Focus your search by adding MeSH terms to your keyword search.  Learn to use Mesh-On-Demand to focus your terms and focus your search.  See our LIBGUIDE page:  Asking the PICO Question to learn more.




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