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Nursing and Allied Health: Nursing Research Methods

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Evidence Based Medicine

Evidenced Based Medicine


Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a growing movement focused on the use of empirical, scientific standards to evaluate treatments. EBM encourages health professionals to use treatments that have been shown by careful study to be effective. At its best, EBM promises high-quality research within conventional medicine.  

The process of determining what treatment modalities are effective can be expected to continue slowly and contentiously. Careful evaluation of the evidence for treatment is nonetheless superior to giving treatment for which little or no evidence of effectiveness exists.

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Getting Started with Data and SPSS


Getting Started with Data and SPSS

When undertaking research studies, it is likely that data will have been collected. Much of this will be in a form suitable to be analyzed statistically; that is, responses from a questionnaire or data collection sheet can be coded so that each response is represented by a ...

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Data Management

Introductory Statistics for Health and Nursing Using SPSS

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Once the data are entered into SPSS, it is inevitable that some degree of data management or manipulation will be necessary before analysing data. It is much better do this using SPSS than ‘by hand’. It is inevitable that mistakes, such as errors in entering the data or transposing between columns ...

Marston, L. (2010). Getting started with data and SPSS. SAGE Publications Ltd,



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