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Nursing and Allied Health: TRIP

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TRIP-Turning Research into Practice


This evidence based highly respected, clinical search tool is designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice by simultaneously searching multiple web sites to locate 1000s of topics relevant to clinical medicine, including guidelines, systematic reviews, and EBM synopses.  

  • Source of evidence-based content​
  • Easy to navigate, easily find high-quality research
  • Motto:  Find evidence fast
  • Filters:  Cochrane-Systematic Reviews, NEJM-key primary research
  • Content of PubMed is added every 2 weeks
  • Register for free
  • Benefits of registering:  monthly updates to research based on your clinical preference
  • Does not have full-text articles

Suggestions for searching TRIP


Suggestions for Searching TRIP
  • Search TRIP with PICO
  • Search TRIP by keywords
  • Search TRIP for Guidelines
  • TRIP provides level of evidence