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Inforamtion Literacy


Information Literacy Alignment | Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education

Implementation Tool Kit, Domains and Concepts


Sample Resources from the Essentials Implementation Tool Kit

The Essentials Tool Kit is a continuously evolving resource designed to assist faculty and others engaged in implementing the new Essentials, including the transition to competency-based education and competency-based assessment. The Tool Kit will provide recommendations and examples of learning strategies, suggested resources, recommended content, and assessment strategies for each of the 10 domains and 8 concepts identified in the Essentials. Recommendations will be provided for both entry-level and advanced-level nursing education.
Tool kit content is reviewed regularly for currency and relevance with new resources added as appropriate. 

Draft Resources from the Implementation Working Groups

The following tool kit resources are in draft format and will soon undergo a formal peer review. AACN is in the process of creating a searchable database to help faculty and curriculum designers access the many learning and assessment strategies contained in the Essentials Tool Kit.