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Nursing and Allied Health: Training Survey

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Please complete this survey


We would like your feedback and evaluation.  Attached are ten (10)  survey questions to collect feedback from students about this class. It will not only enable the university to keep its customers satisfied but will also help modify its courses and activities to better suit students.

Class survey questions enable the university to conduct in-depth research and collect data that will help them to get information about what works and what doesn’t in a class. A survey helps the college collect valuable feedback allowing them to create more effective classes and hence provide a better learning experience to its students.

Our goal is to gather feedback for teachers and instructors about your opinions about specific classes..  A class survey can help the institution to help it’s students evaluate the class and its teachings. These kinds of surveys include various types of questions that evaluate overall satisfaction of the student, evaluation of facilities, services or instructors, to gauge the benefits it provides and to understand how effective the class is. Collecting such information can enable the institution to tweak its classes accordingly to create and provide an effective class.


Thank you in advance for your participation,

Sherri Voebel, MLIS


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