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Nursing and Allied Health: COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

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Are the names interchangeable?  Well, No.


COVID-19 is the disease, not the virus. SARS-COV2 is the name of the virus that attacks your body and causes the disease COVID-19 (CO means Corona, VI is Virus, D is disease, 19 is the year it was first discovered). The SARS-COV2 virus attacks the Type 2 Lymphocytes in your lungs, destroys the surfactant (lipids and proteins protecting your alveoli) which allows liquid, puss, debris, dirt, etc into the alveoli (air pockets in your lungs). Then, the virus begins to replicate in the alveoli. As the virus begins to multiply, your lungs get heavier and heavier because they are being filled with liquid, making it more difficult to breathe.


COVID-19 - Keeping up with a moving target


You may subscribe to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 podcast channel even if you are not earning CEU Credit!



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Why a biologist's COVID-19 blogs went viral

An Interview With Erin Bromage

When biologist Erin Bromage posted a blog about reducing personal risk for contracting COVID-19, little did he realize that he was about to become very well known. His ability to turn complex scientific principles into clear guidance for action has clicked with millions of people. Medscape spoke with Bromage about the COVID-19 blogs read round the world, and what he foresees for the country moving forward. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Link to the interview:  Stokowski, L. RN, MS, Medscape Nursing News, 6/03/2020. 

Link to the article:  The Risks:  Know Them and Avoid Them

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